Thank you all for sharing in the lives of our three amazing children- Mairead, Jack, and Ben. We hope you visit often!

Friday, January 15, 2010

We are 10 months old, and we are hungry!

Before I update you on the boys, here are a few pictures of Mairead. With a bag on her head.

No idea why she thought this would be fun. She kept telling me it was her hat. Ok, nice hat. She is talking SO much lately- I can't keep up with all of the words she has now. She can even sing the entire theme song to the Wonder Pets show. A dubious accomplishment, but still, the whole song!
I took all three kids to a playgroup today and we saw their friend Brady (and my friend, Jen) there, too. They were very well behaved and all three were happy to ride in the triple stroller. Mairead dragged her feet on the ground and said, "I skiing!" I have no idea where that came from.

Sorry for the lag in blogging- we have been very busy around here! First- the boys turned 10 months old on the 6th-- how crazy is that? In just two months, they will be a year- I cannot believe it! We are so happy with how they are growing-- they are so much fun and they are really doing great!
Also, I had a birthday and my amazing husband and family all got together to give me a much needed laptop. Since I have to be on the computer for my classes, I can now do that in any room in the house. It makes things SO much easier! Thank you to Dave, my parents, my siblings, Mom H and Ivan, and Ry, Dave, and Rachel! Rachel also sent me a beautiful card and a bead for my Pandora bracelet. Everyone was so generous- thanks to you all- I was touched!

Last week, both boys were evaluated by Early Intervention because their pediatrician thought some of their skills were a bit behind. It turns out that Jack qualifies for services in both fine and gross motor, and that Ben (barely) qualifies for fine motor. There are just a few things that the boys need to work on in order to 'catch up' to other kids their age. It is very common for preemies and very common for twins to have these delays, so preemie twins are very likely to need services. A physical therapist will come to the house once every two weeks and do some exercises and activities with me and the boys to help them develop. Jack needs to get his core strength up and Ben needs to use his fingers a little more dextrously (I think that's a word...). But the great news was that their cognitive skills are great-- both boys came out at 11 months, which is one month older than they are, and two months more than they 'should' be. Two smart little cookies!

One area in which they are NOT at all delayed is eating. These kids Love. To. Eat. Anything, anytime, they will eat it. Recently, we have added some 'real' food to their diet. They love cereal bars and pancakes, and the other night they tried some pizza crust-- good stuff! Right now, they are eating grilled cheese for the first time and loving it! They do really well- I only worry about them choking because they stuff giant pieces into their mouths because they can't get it in fast enough!

Last week, I also let them try feeding themselves-- this could help with their fine motor skills. It does not help with the cleanliness of the kitchen. In these, Jack is on the left, Ben on the right, as usual.

Thanks for checking in on us!


katiec said...

I have a pic of Mairead with a different bag on her head, different day. Don't waste your money on toys for these kids!

Joseph "Connor" said...

She's way too cute to have a bag over her head!

3G's said...

Maghan - all 3 are getting so big and even cuter! I can't believe the twins are almost a year! Love the updates and so happy for you all!!