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Monday, August 3, 2009

Happy Birthday- Part 1

Mairead's birthday was on Wednesday, July 29 and we had such a great day! Mairead shares her birthday with our cousin, Michelle; and our friends, Mark and Alysha, celebrate their wedding anniversary that day. My cousin, Katie, has a birthday the day after, and on August 2, Mairead's new friend Brielle was born. Today is my friend Jennifer's birthday, so it was a week of happy occasions!

One of the highlights of the day was when Mairead received a long distance birthday wish from her friend, Will. Will lives in California, but he and his mom called to say "Happy Day-Day" to Mairead. Will has excellent phone conversation skills. Thanks for the phone call- we loved it!

My mom took the boys for the day so that we could spend some time with our special girl. We took her to Davis Farmland in Sterling, MA, and we all LOVED it! I completely recommend it to you other moms and dads- it was a fantastic day! There were animals to pet, swings, play houses, ducks, and a sprayground. Mairead was never so happy in her life-- it was so much fun!

This is the little 'splash pad' at the spray ground and it is an area just for little ones. She had so much fun there.

We did eventually move over to the 'big kid' spray ground, but it's hard to take pictures when water is spraying everywhere! She had a great time running around with the other kids. Toward the end, she had so much water and chlorine in her eyes that she could barely see, but she still kept going!
She also loved the petting zoo area. You know how much she loves animals, so she was pretty much in heaven. Some animals are kept in pens or cages, but some are just roaming around! They were all very friendly. Whenever we walked by an animal, Maired would yell out the sound that they make. There were sheep all over the place, so she was yelling "BAA!" for a good part of the day. She ran right up to the pen where a bull was kept and reached in to touch his face. Seriously- this child has NO fear. One of the staffers was holding a snake that kids could touch. Mairead grabbed the snake and said, "Ssssss." We need to work on being gentle.

When she saw the goats, she just plopped herself down and talked to them. Hey goat... How you doin'? Say hi to your mother for me...

We had such a fun time there- we will definitely go again! I can't say enough about the place- I think we had as much fun as Mairead did!


The Plateniks said...

yay! She got Will's message! It's been a month of birthdays for us, too, and now Will thinks he is supposed to say Happy day-day to everyone on the phone. I love the pictures at Davis Farmland. They have an amazing corn maze in the fall...I hope you do go back and take pictures then too. Happy Birthday, Mairead!

Caitlin and Al said...

I was so happy to read your blog and see Brielle's name! I can't wait until she is a bit older and we can have a play date! Being a mom is just the best!! I love the farm pictures!!

Terry Family said...

I love how she just sits down with the goats and begins chatting!! That's too funny! It looks like she had a really fun day!