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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Update

Our boys are nine days old now and they are just about the cutest things ever. I had never even held a baby as small as Jack is, and I still can't get over how tiny they are. They look so much alike, but they do have different expressions. Ben's face seems rounder, but that may be because he weighs more than Jack does. I have kept Jack's hospital bracelet on so that when Ben finally comes home, I can use them to tell the boys apart! I had also heard of painting one baby's toenail, so that will probably happen, too! I am sure that their personalities will emerge and that we will know who is who, but I don't want to mix them up!

Jack is doing great at home. He is eating what he is supposed to, and he sleeps a lot, which is good for Mom and Dad. It has been a tough week for us, and we are very thankful to have our family around to help us out. My entire family has been here at one time or another, and Dave's mom is coming to stay for a few days starting tomorrow. Having these people to help us is huge since I am still not supposed to drive. I think I could drive, but if I rip the internal stitches or do other damage, I will have an even harder time taking care of three kids, so I can't risk it.

Tomorrow, Mairead returns to daycare, so we hope that her life will get a little easier. She has been sick with her ear infection, and her whole routine is off, so she is completely not herself. I think she is very confused about all of the coming and going, and she is just not her happy go lucky self. I am hoping that she will be happier once she goes back to daycare to play with her friends and have her routine back.

Ben is working really hard, but he still has a long way to go. The good news is that he is much more alert, but he still isn't taking all of the food that he needs to. The doctors have a minimum requirement for him, and he has to take all of his minimums many times in a row in order for the tube to come out. Then, he has to keep taking the minimums without the tube before he can come home. We really have no idea when this will be, which is very hard on us. The back and forth to the hospital PLUS a newborn at home PLUS a sick toddler is really tough to balance. We just can't wait to have three healthy kids at home with us.

Thanks to all of you who have been so supportive. I hope that we will be posting soon about Ben coming home to his brother and sister.

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Joseph "Connor" said...

I have to agree that they are just the cutest things! I'm glad to hear Mairead is feeling better - I'm sure daycare will help get her back to her old self. Thinking of Jack, too! I wish for a speedy recovery!