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Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday- Ben is home!

The great news is that Ben is home. We were discharged at about 1pm, and he is doing great. He received the RSV vaccine, so we hope he is home for good.

The not so great news is that Jack is a little worse. He needed a lot of oxygen last night and was really struggling, so they moved him to the neo-natal ICU around midnight. Since then he is a little better, but he has a long way to go. Dave and I are not able to hold him right now since he is so dependent on the O2. We hope that they are able to wean him soon, but he really needs it right now. He is not eating very much and may need a feeding tube, but that is better than losing weight since he is still under 5lbs.

It is very hard not to be able to hold your own baby, but we know that he is being well cared for. We are trying to concentrate on the good news of the day and to enjoy our time with Ben. We'll still be back and forth to the hospital to see Jack so that he can hear our voices, even if we can't hold him. Hope to post more good news soon.

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