Thank you all for sharing in the lives of our three amazing children- Mairead, Jack, and Ben. We hope you visit often!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

One down, one to go

Just a quick update-- the great news is the Jack was able to come home with us yesterday. He is doing really well and eating the way he is supposed to. We were surprised at how quickly he could come home, especially since he is still under 5lbs (4lbs 13oz as of today). He seems to be adjusting pretty well to the chaos of our home. Mairead could not care less that he is here. But she does NOT want him to have a bottle. She is fine with us holding him and his being here, but when he is eating, she yells, "NO!," and tries to take the bottle away.

She is recovering from her ear infection, but is still a little cranky. Jen came down today to play with her, so Mairead loved that, of course. Thanks, Jen!

Ben is doing great- he had a huge breakthrough last night. He is supposed to eat 60ml of milk every 4 hours, but he has been eating 15, 20, etc. They give him the rest through a feeding tube. But, last night, he ate all 60ml for me! This morning, he at 58 of the 60 at 9am, and 40 at 1pm. He was also much more alert than he has been. I am hoping that we are really making progress and that he joins his brother soon.

It is really hard to have Ben at the hospital because Dave and I are trying to divide our time between all of our kids, and that is very difficult when they are not in one place. Also, I feel so bad for Ben that he is away from his brother! Let's hope that motivates him to come home soon. We'll post more updates soon- thanks!


Joseph "Connor" said...

We're rooting for Ben!! We can't wait for him to join big sis and Jack! We're so happy to hear he is eating so well! Way to go!!

Caitlin and Al said...

I hope that Jack is adjusting to life at home with you guys! I was so happy to read that he was able to come home! Way to go Jack! I think that it will motivate Ben to keep eating and getting stronger! I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers! Thanks for keeping us updated!