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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Fake Easter

We love our fake holidays here at The Fairmount, and 'Feaster' is no exception!  We celebrated with a big family dinner on the Sunday before Easter, though the bunny came on the correct day.  Our fake holidays are usually pretty laid back and allow us to spend some quality family time together since no one is rushing off to other festivities.  We were able to get all five grandchildren in a few pictures, with no shortage of funny faces, of course.

When she was born, everyone commented on how much Mairead looked like Dave.  Now, though, it's incredible how much she looks like me when I was young!

The kids had fun painting their Easter eggs.  As they get older, we can do more activities like this (with less mess, lol) and it's fun to do more projects together.  The boys are funny about colors.  I try to dress Ben in blue as much a possible to help people tell them apart.  So, Jack has always worn a lot of red.  When you ask them their favorite colors, Ben always chooses blue and Jack chooses red.  I wonder if those always would have been their favorites, or if they have just been conditioned after wearing them so much!

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