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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Shower for Baby Monaghan

As I'm writing this, Baby M is almost ready to make an appearance.  Soon, there will be six cousins, and we are all so excited!  Brian and Christin are going to make wonderful parents and we are all so excited and happy for them as they await Baby M's debut.  I'm guessing boy... maybe 8'13".  We'll see, soon!
 In early April, Christin's mom threw a very nice shower for the parents and baby to be.  The event had a book theme since Christin loves reading and works as a school librarian.  We pitched in with book themed decorations and favors, and everything came together for a great day.
Lily may have had some chocolate...
Our gift to Baby M had a New Kids on the Block theme since Christin has always liked them.  Each person in the Monaghan family created a unique block to give to the baby. 

Katie and I came up with this banner that included the word 'Congratulations' printed on pages of text from a book.

Kellan charmed everyone, as usual. 

The favors were little boxes of candy fashioned to look like books.  Just out of coincidence, my mom had this minature wooden shelf, and it worked perfectly as a litte bookshelf.  The covers of the books are all images of books that Brian and Christin loved when they were children.

       We are so excited for the newest addition to our family.   Best of luck, Brian and Christin!

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Joseph "Connor" said...

I'm excited, and I'm not even a Monaghan! When is she due?