Thank you all for sharing in the lives of our three amazing children- Mairead, Jack, and Ben. We hope you visit often!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Jack David

When I was pregnant with the twins, the doctors would refer to the boys as 'Baby A' and 'Baby B.'  Jackie was Baby A, and that turned out to be telling as he DEFINITELY has the Type A personality.  He thinks he is the boss and tries to run the show.  Luckily for him, his baby brother lets him most of the time.  Jack is definitely a thinker and an observer.  He doesn't miss anything and you can see the little gears turning as he sizes up a given situation or person.  His imagination is incredible and he dreams up these elaborate adventures.  His vocabulary is impressive and he is always using words that I had no idea he even knew.  He still has some cute ways of saying things, though, such as, "Don't go be-out me," or, "I will be-tect you, Ben!".  His Batman obsession is intense and he nearly always wears a cape.  Ben usually lets Jack be Batman while he plays Robin. 
Jack is a little more daring than Ben in that he will adjust more quickly to a new situation, and he will try new foods, etc, more readily.  Last year, he didn't want anything to do with the snow, but this year he will literally dive right in!

Jack is also very attached to his blankie (to whom he refers as 'she,' because Blankie is a girl).  He does this cute thing where he holds it up to his face, puts one finger in his mouth, and scratches Blankie with two other fingers.  It's very sweet and definitely his 'tell' when he is tired.  He is never tired, though, just ask him.

The boys have started a program through www.getyouthmoving.net at which they learn different games and exercises.  They are a little timid, but Jack has been warming up to it and trying the activities with the other kids.

Both boys are great about helping one another.  It's great to be a twin.  Say you need help getting your space helmet on, you have a twin to help you out!

Jack is definitely the eldest son in that he really seeks Dave's praise and approval.  He loves to sit or play with his dad and enjoys any time he spends with him.

Jackie also loves babies.  He DOTES on Kellan and is very sweet to him.  If we see other babies, Jack is the first to approach them and say how cute they are.

He loves to practice his Batman moves.

Jack is smart, observant, articulate and sweet.  He is also a bit bossy and impatient.  He thinks he runs the show and any reminder that he does not is not well received.  In any new situation, he gets a very serious look on his face and is obviously studying things and making decisions about how he feels about it.  He sizes up any new person while furrowing his little brow.  He eats constantly.  His favorite snack is to eat a spoonful of peanut butter (or three).  He loves breakfast sausage, pizza, waffles, toast, and apple juice.  He also loves music and asks for specific songs like 'Glad You Came' and 'Whistle Barrel,' which is the whistle song by Flo-Rida.  Let's hope he doesn't figure out what the words really are.  He loves his Nana and comes looking for her so he can snuggle.  He loves mini-hot dogs on Sundays while we watch the Patriots, and he loves to watch the Celtics with his dad.  His favorite player is Rondo, which is fitting.  They are both smart and talented, but are little and think they know everything. 

When you ask him, "Who is your best friend?" He always says, "Ben."  He told my parents he loves Molly (the cat) more than he loves Nana and Grampy, but he told Dave that he loves me the most.  He is still on the small side for his age, which is fine by me since I can still pick him up for a big hug or cuddle.  Since he was so sick when he was little, he has always needed a little extra attention, and I'm happy to give it to him while he still lets me.   When he was an infant, I used to say that he could, "go from zero to bullshit in 10 seconds," and he still has that trait.  Whatever he is feeling, he is feeling is 100%.  He's 'all in' to whatever it is he wants to do.  It's funny that even when he was an infant, we knew that he would be a 'Type A' personality, and he certainly is.  And, we love everything about our little 'Baby A'!