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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Christmas Morning Videos and the best kid ever

Just a couple of quick little videos of the kids coming down Christmas morning.  The last one is my favorite.  I also have to share this story about how we have the best kid ever.
So, it's Christmas morning. They come into the living room and see that Santa has been there, and they are going through their gifts. Not two minutes into the whole thing, Mairead is moving things around and obviously looking for something. She gets up and bolts into the other room. I follow her, and she is still looking, starting to get upset. She says, "Where is it? Where is the special present?"

Now I am really worried that she was expecting something specific and is sad that Santa didn't bring it. I asked her, "What special present, honey?" She replies, "It's in a white bag and I made it at Girl Scouts."

It was a painted wooden snowman that she had decorated at Girl Scouts three weeks earlier, and that she had been waiting to give Dave and me on Christmas morning.

She ran AWAY from her own presents under the tree because she wanted to find the gift for us.  I told you.  Best kid ever.
About the sparkly, purple hat.  Mairead and I were at Target (shocking) a few weeks before Christmas and she spied it in the Girls' section.  She walked over, put it on her head, and said, "We will get this."  Since it was about two weeks before Christmas, I really couldn't justify spending $15 on a sparkly, purple hat.  I hated saying, 'no,' but she handled it really well.  And then, what do you know?  It appeared in her stocking on Christmas morning.  She was thrilled!


The boys were SO excited about their Batcave.  They play with it every day and dream up these elaborate scenarios in which Batman saves the day.   It's really fun to see how imaginative they are!


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All the videos are nice and yes the kids did a great job. Sometimes kids surprise all by their activities and its a great pleasure to watch them.
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