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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Festival of Trees

One of our many pre-Christmas activities was to visit the Festival of Trees in Methuen.  This event showcases more than a hundred trees that are decorated with different themes.  People can buy raffle tickets and enter to win any of the trees on display.  The kids love to go; there are so many creative decorations.  This year, we were able to coordinate things so that we went with my parents, Katie and her kids, and Jen and Mike.  The kids were thrilled to see Jen and Mike, of course. 

Unfortunately, I had only my phone and not my camera, and it was dark in there.  I would have loved to have this picture come out a little better since four of the five grand-kids are in it.  They are staring at a lighted display in which the lights blinked and turned on and off.  At one point, the lights went out and Lily yelled, "Maghan!  Turn the lights on!!!"

Uncle Mike is always good when you need someone to carry you.

Mike is also good for corraling kids and leading in-depth discussion about important kid business.

Jen bascially had to wrestle this Doritos bag away from Kellan.  This kid wants to eat real food more than any baby I've ever seen.  He even has a few teeth already to prepare for the job.

As it turns out, my mom won a tree!  It was quite, um, unique.  It was a tree that Lily loved called 'Children of the World' and it came with a collection of dolls dressed in different cultural attire.  My mom gave the tree to Lily and she was thrilled!  Unfortunately, we didn't win the $2000 raffle, but we still had a fun night!

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