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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Cookies

This year, we seemed to be making and decorating more cookies than we ever have before.  Cookie decorating was a HUGE hit with Mairead who loves anything crafty, and with the boys who like anything with frosting.  Some of our decorating sessions were at home with just us.

We also attended the Gingerbread Decorating Party put on by my Mothers of Multiples club.  This is a really fun annual event at which each child gets a little cookie house and sets up at a table full of every possible kind of decorating item.  Marshmallows, gumdrops, M&Ms, frosting, sprinkles, anything you can imagine.  Our kids had fun seeing their friends, Jack, Aidan, Jake, Ben, and Abby, as well as many other members of the club.  There was also a really fun safety presentation put on by the group Lil' Iguana, and the kids loved that.

Finally, we had several of Mairead's friends from school over for a Kindergarten cookie decorating party.  I guess when you have three kids 19 months apart, having ten Kindergarteners loose in your house with sprinkles, frosting, and a sugar high seems like no big deal.  It was fun for all of us- Mairead and her friends had a great time running around together, and the moms had a chance to talk, too!  One of the nice things about living in Lowell is that we are connected to so many people.  One boy in Mairead's class is the son of a woman who played basketball with Jen, and a guy who played baseball when I did the books.  A little girl in the class is the daughter of a woman whose cousin we knew growing up, and who is related to a very good friend of my sister-in-law.  I like that our kids are growing up in a community where so many people have ties to one another. 

There are some incredibly sweet kids in Mairead's class and they all have great moms, too.  These kids are so kind to Mairead and that is so wonderful to see.  Her school is Pre-K to Grade 8, so she will be with these kids for a long time, so we hope that these friendships keep growing!

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