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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mirror Images

I love this picture.  Each boy is looking in to a mirror, but it really looks as though there is one boy reflected in a mirror, doesn't it?  They looked so much alike right at that moment.  The haircuts were necessary because their hair was getting long, but also because Jack let Ben cut his hair.  They were quietly playing in the office and then I heard Jack cry, "Ow!"  Never good.  So, I ran up there to find Ben with scissors in hand and Jack sitting patiently next to him.  There were numerous tufts of hair on the ground, so they had been at this for several minutes, at least.  I was impressed that Ben has mastered the skill of using scissors, and that Jack showed enough patience to let Ben do this, but I was less than thrilled about the new 'do' that Jack was sporting.  Luckily, Ben only took some off the back, not the front!

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