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Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Not only have things been very busy this Spring, but as I mentioned, my lap top died a while ago, so I have not been posting very much.  I am irrationally sad about the 'death' of my laptop.  I found someone who recovered all of my pictures and documents, but it's still sad.  I sort of resent my new laptop just because it's not my old one.  I told you it was irrational.  Anyway, Dave was kind enough to go get the new one and get me connected to the world again.  It wasn't an expense we wanted to deal with since Dave's job situation for September is still a mystery, but since I work online, it was a necessity.  Anyway, thanks, Dave, for taking care of that.

For the boys' birthday, Stephanie gave them these awesome Thomas scooters.  The weather cooperated early this Spring and they were able to use them right away.  Jack loves his helmet while Ben loves his... plastic fireman hat.  Jimmy and Jessica graciously gave one to Mairead so that she wouldn't be left out of the fun.  Thank you, Stephanie.  They LOVE them!

They even like to ride them in the house!

For Christmas, the (John) Larocque family gave the boys these really cute pjs.  Pretty handsome little Buzz and Woody, right?

Mairead has been drawing so much lately.  This picture is actually a few months old, and she drew it at school.  She keeps impressing us with her abilities.  I have to take some pictures of her latest creations- they are pretty good!

Another fun birthday gift for the boys was this play tent that the (Dan) Larocques gave them.  Mairead loved it and sort of took it over.  She slept in it for part of a few nights and was pretty cute doing it.

One of the early beautiful days of Spring, we went to Penguin Park in Andover and ran in to the kids of good friends of ours.  Mairead was very excited to play with Brady and Nora, and took a special interest in Nora.
She even wrote her a letter the next day!

Mairead has been more interested in pretend play recently, especially in playing dress up.  Even the cat is happy to oblige her.

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