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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A (mostly) Super Sunday

Well, it didn't end the way we had hoped, but Super Bowl Sunday was pretty exciting around here.  As part of a once in a life time, Carpe Diem kind of trip, Dave was able to GO to the SUPER BOWL.  His friend, Joey, managed to get tickets and was kind enough to invite Dave.  On Friday afternoon, they began the drive to Indianapolis, stopping in Scranton, PA and Canton, OH, on the way.  Despite the loss by the Pats, the guys had a great time on their road trip.  I mean, how amazing is it to go to the Super Bowl, and to see your own team play in it?  I would imagine this would only be topped by your team actually winning the game. 

It was a long five days without Daddy (mostly for me) but the kids got into the spirit and were excited that Daddy was in "Apolis."  They loved yelling, "Go, Patriots!" and they loved that many family members were here to watch the game.  Jack loved that he conned Jessica into carrying him around and getting him things for an hour.  That boy... he's a con artist.  Mairead loved that Jen came over and danced for a bit before heading to a Super Bowl party.  Mairead donned her Bruschi jersey for the occasion.  She and Tedi have a lot in common.

Jessica had the great idea to have all New England foods at our Super Bowl party, so we had clam chowder, a Boston recipe for pulled pork, Boston Baked beans, Boston Cream pie, nachos made with Vermont Cabot cheese, and more!  We didn't win, but we ate well!

Ben was missing his dad and while watching the game, he was sitting on my lap and saying, "I'm just missing Daddy right now."  Mairead, being my daughter, insisted on wearing "my Patriots clothes" to bed that night.  Just when I thought I couldn't love her any more than I already do...

This video is not from Super Bowl Sunday, but it's just cute!


The Plateniks said...

I love how Mairead just steps over them to get in the kitchen. They are all so cute.

Terry Family said...

I can't believe Dave went to the Superbowl! How awesome is that? I love that you all enjoy New England food and ate well! I think it's even cooler that you lost! lol!! Love, the New York Giants Household.