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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Every day is an adventure

 There really are no 'typical' days for us-- in a good way!  There is always something going on here, even in addition to the 'regularly scheduled programming' such as school, etc.  The kids are always finding new things to do and learning more every day.  There are just so many things to keep us busy!

We wear funny hats.

We pretend the couch is a boat and we have to get in.

We make 'C is for Caterpillar' crafts.

We go to playdates with some of our BFFs.

We bake cupcakes.

We make pizzas with Daddy.

It's always something!  One of the great things about living here is that family members are always stopping by.  Katie, Steve, and Lily come to visit often and it's great that the kids spend so much time together.  Just today, we saw Jen (and Bean), Brian, and Jimmy.  The kids love when our relatives stop by.

School is going really well for everyone.  Apparently, Jack has decided that it is time to be interested in letters.  When I picked them up yesterday, he yelled, 'MOM!  We learned about the letter U!"  And today he pointed out several letters on a newspaper ad.  Finally, he seems to care!  He knows the names of about 50 different Thomas trains, but 26 letters?  Not interested.  Or, not until now, anyway!  Ben actually does pretty well.  He will sit at my computer once I have opened a blank Word document, and he presses different letters, naming them as he goes. 

Mairead missed school yesterday because of a fever and then again today because we had an appointment at the Stroke Clinic at Children's.  She was awesome.  She loves going there because they have an amazing fish tank.  Her neurologist is really happy with how she is doing and says we don't need to go back for 6 months.  Mairead did have to have a blood draw, but she did really well.  A few tears when they actually stuck her, but no freaking out at all.  And, they gave her a circle band aid so she was pretty psyched about that.  She even loves the drive in and out of Boston.  She points out all of the exciting things that she sees.  She also dictates what should be on the radio.  Since the kids listen to Kiss108 on the bus, she is into popular music now.  She really likes Rhianna, Adele, 'Stronger,' by Kelly Clarkson, and 'Without You.'  So funny to see her bopping her little head around to 'grown up' songs. 

Jack does this cute new thing where he speaks for himself and for Ben.  "We are hungry.  We need some food."  Or, "We are awake!  Come get us!"  Or, more indignantly, "We're not tired.  We don't want to go to bed!"  It's cute how he is looking out for his baby brother.

Ben looks out for Jack, too.  Jack still tends to fall more than Ben, and whenever he does, Ben runs over to hug him.  It's pretty adorable.

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Terry Family said...

Every day should be an adventure!!! You're an amazing mother because without you, life wouldn't be so much fun!! Without the efforts of hardworking mommies, television would be the game in Town.