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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Random Kid Stuff

I have not been taking a lot of pictures lately.  Not because the kids aren't doing cute things, but because we are so busy!  And, most of our activities involve sand, water, dirt, or a combination thereof, and the camera has to be safely tucked away.  The kids are doing and saying so many adorable things lately.  I am trying to hang on to every moment since I know that they won't be little for long!  The boys have started wearing size 2T clothing.  Do you know what that means?  No more "months" clothing sizes.  Which means no more shopping in the baby section.  I really can't wrap my head around how this happened so quickly.  With all the drama surrounding both Mairead and the twins' births, I feel like I blinked and missed the baby phase.  Or maybe I blocked it out.  Or maybe it is all just a fog since I was so sleep deprived!  Anyway, I want to share some of the moments lately that have made me smile.

We were at an indoor playground yesterday to try to beat the heat and there was a bouncy house that the kids LOVED.  Ben, especially, wanted to stay in it all day.  At one point though, he came to find me and said, "Want Jackie in the bouncy house, Mommy.  Where's Jackie?"  So we found Jack and convinced him to go into the bouncy house.  As both boys were launching themselves all over the place, Ben yelled to me, "Mommy!  Jackie's in the bouncy house!  It's Jackie!"  How cute that he loves his big brother so much?

Mairead and I were in the car the other day and encountered some roadwork.  She asked, "What are they doing?  What you think it could be?"  When I told her they were making a new road, she said, "A new road?  I can't believe it!"

Jack has been talking a blue streak, but not all of it has been true.  Isn't he too young to even know how to do that?  Anyway, a month or so ago, we had a few incidents of Mairead pushing Jack out of the way while they were playing.  Jack would come find me and say, "I scared of Raid. Raid push you."  So, of course, I would go and deal with the situation.  Now, he says it whenever he wants something that Mairead has.  And the other day, Dave reprimanded Jack for something so he came running to me saying, "I scared of Daddy."  I said, "Oh, yeah?  You're scared of Daddy?  Why?"  "Daddy push you."  Apparently, he figured that if he told me that, I would go upstairs and set Daddy straight.  Nice.

The other night, the boys were babbling away to each other after I put them to bed.  Their cribs face each other with about 8 feet of space in between.  Ben was pretending his stegosaurus was stuck and saying, "Oh, no!  Stegosaurus stuck!  A rescue!"  So the conversation went:
Jack: Stegosaurus stuck, Ben?
Ben:  Yeah, Jackie.  It's stuck.
Jack:  Want help, Ben?
Ben:  Yeah, Jackie.
Jack:  Arms, Extendo!  (a robot on tv says this to make his arms extend a la Inspector Gadget)
Ben:  You got it!  Thanks, Jackie.

A few days ago, the kids were supposed to be napping but no one was.  Ben was whining the most and we eventually got all three kids up since it was obvious no one was going to sleep.  Later, I noticed that Mairead's special bear was in Ben's crib.  She must have put it in there when he was crying.  What a sweet big sister.

Mairead is doing so well with becoming more independent.  She has learned to put her dish in the sink after meals and to throw her popsicle sticks in the trash.  She is doing really well with going to the bathroom all by herself, and even remembering to put her underwear back on when she is finished.  For a while, she insisted on wearing pull-ups in public- she just didn't have the confidence to go without.  Now, though, she insists on wearing underwear all the time.  It took a loooong time to get there, but she did it!

There are so many other cute things-- they all give us a run for our money, for sure, but they are so funny and smart, and always entertaining!

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