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Thursday, April 14, 2011

I know, I know...

I have really been neglecting the blog... things have been even busier than usual around here. I was in DC with some friends last weekend (yes, away from the kids, for a whole weekend). We had a lot of fun and it was great to just relax with friends I don't see enough of. Still, it was very strange to be away from the kids that long. I really missed them! Dave did an amazing job of taking care of them; he is such a great dad! Then, we had a little trip to the ER yesterday with Mairead. She is fine- don't worry. On Tuesday she came home from school looking like death. Face was white as a sheet, eyes were red and puffy and had some goop in them. She had been fine all morning and fine going to school. Dave picked her up and as soon as she got home, she ran into my arms and just started bawling. Poor kid- it was so sad! Took her to the pedi- double EI (one severe) and conjunctivitis in both eyes. Her ear must have been killing her but she didn't show it and she isn't always able to tell me something hurts. I felt AWFUL that I didn't know and that I sent her to school feeling so terrible. Anyway, pedi gave her augmentin because the EI is so bad and she has conjunctivitis, so extra strength antibiotics were necessary. This is only the 2nd EI she has ever had. The last one was the week the boys were born. Yesterday, she was napping soundly and then suddenly wakes up crying. As I go to get her, she starts screaming and yelling, "I hurt! I itchy! I hurt!" I take off her shirt and her whole torso and arms are a very angry red with raised bumps. I knew immediately she was having a reaction and called my sister who was luckily about 5 minutes away. Jen got here and I left for the hospital, calling my mom (she was at work in the ER) on the way there. She was breathing ok, but obviously in pain/discomfort and scared. We get there and they immediately gave her Benadryl and did a quick eval (visual/manual only, no scans). Her breathing was ok, but they were concerned enough to give her steroids, just in case. She did AWESOME through all of this. Seriously, awesome. I was so proud of her and it seemed that she was understanding just about everything going on. She did great while we waited there for them to be sure the rash subsided, her breathing was ok, etc. She even asked to go to the potty, walked down the hall with me, waited for someone else to finish, and then peed on a public potty. I was shocked! Anyway, we were home a few hours later with a new scrip for the EI/conjunctivitis. M was in a great mood and seems that she actually had fun going to the hospital. They let her keep the johnny (doesn't hurt that my mom was the nurse in charge, lol) and she doesn't want to take it off. I know she felt awful but she was so, so, good. Nothing like a slight heart attack to change your whole day. At least she is ok! She woke up crying around 2am- the Benadryl had worn off and she was super red and itchy again. We gave her more and then scratched her back, etc, until she fell asleep. I am keeping her home from school today so I can keep on top of the Benadryl and make sure she doesn't get worse. This poor kid- like she doesn't have enough to deal with... At one point, she took the bag for her toys and put it on her head. She said, "I a robot." I laughed and said, "You're being funny today." So she said, "I a funny robot." What a cute kid! Thanks to the staff at the hospital for being so great with her! Lately, she has been doing a lot of drawings- even signing her name to most of them. When she finished this one, I asked her what it was. She said, "Lotsa animals with very long tails." The kids have really been great about playing together lately. I think the boys are old enough now and Mairead has better language/understanding so they can acutally play together and have fun. On Monday, they were using 'teamwork' and trying to 'work together' to play blocks and build a tower. Jack is Mairead's little helper and Ben likes to kick down the tower and announce, "I funny!"

They will sit and color together, play blocks or cars together, and of course, run around and "play running" together. I love seeing them become little friends!

Just a few pictures from Madame Toussaud's wax museum in DC. These are for Nana...

I seriously think I am going to frame this one and give it to her. We all know how she feels about Obama... "and that one thinks she's Jackie Onaissis..." Oh, Nana...

I know there are so many cute things the kids are saying and doing that I want to share... I just forget them when I have time to type it out! Just a few highlights...

Jack and Ben love to look out the window and see squirrels. Unfortunately, they think I have some control over the squirrels and when there are none, they yell, "Find squirrels, Mommy!"

In the tub, Jack and Ben were giving one another high-fives. When Ben would stop, Jack would lean in and say, "More fives, Ben?" And Ben would happily oblige.

When Jack falls down, Ben runs over and says, "You ok, Jackie?" Jack says, "Yeah, Ben."

Jack woke up this morning and was jumping up and down in his bed yelling, "See Lily? See Lily?" I guess he misses his cousin!

Mairead went on her first field trip last week to see a play. She was able to tell us some details of the play and seemed very excited about it.

When Jack or Ben cries, Mairead offers them a toy or a drink and says, "there you go."

When my dad gets home from work, Mairead has learned to ask, "Hi Grampy, how was work?"

There are so many more sweet moments- I wish I could remember them all and hold on to them forever... they are already growing up too quickly!

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