Thank you all for sharing in the lives of our three amazing children- Mairead, Jack, and Ben. We hope you visit often!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

History repeats

Today we took the kids to a concert at the library in Lowell. I have posted before that the library is special to me because my grandfather used to take me there all the time when I was little, and I love sharing the experience with my own children now. The kids did really well. Mairead was awesome- she was dancing, participating, following directions, and having an all around great time. The boys did pretty well- the concert was really geared toward kids a little older so they got a little bored after about half an hour. I took them to wander around the library and things were better, but after a bit, it was definitely time to head home.

This is a pretty terrible picture of me, but at least all three kids are in it!

Mairead was leaning on Dave for part of the show and using the turtle's feet to keep the rhythm- it was very cute.

Right behind the library is a fire station. My grandfather also used to take me when he would stop by there to visit some friends. He was a firefighter for several years, and Dave's dad was a firefighter in NY. The boys seem to have a natural love of fire trucks, and we definitely understand why! Anyway, the firemen were outside washing the trucks so we stoppped to admire them. The men were kind enough to invite the kids to sit INSIDE THE FIRE TRUCK. Can you believe it? Inside a REAL fire truck!
I wish the pictures were better. It was really bright, I was standing between two fire trucks parked very close together, and the wind kept blowing the door shut, so conditions were not ideal. Still- the kids thought it was pretty great to sit up there! Ben did complain that the truck "No go?" No go?", but he'll have to wait a long time if he wants to really drive one.

The firefighters even brought hats, stickers, and coloring books for the kids. They were so kind, and we really appreciate their time!
Jack is not sleeping- it was just very bright!

Mairead was pretty excited- she was jumping up and down at the idea of getting to ride in the truck.

We really had a great morning together as a family- and this was all before noon!


Terry Family said...

The pictures inside the REAL fire truck are awesome!! I love the plastic fireman hats! Hope Mairead is loving school and adjusting well.

Caitlin, Al, and Brielle said...

What a great family day! The kids are so lucky to go into a real firetruck!!

katiec said...

Best day ever! that is so cool!

Grandma Dorothy said...

Well you have left me in tears.
How many times did I bring Dave and Ryane to the fire station to see their dad and bring him his supper. About 2 times a week for their entire childhood. Yes, History does repeat itself. I'm sure Dave's Dad is looking down from heaven and smiling.

All of us here in New York at looking forward to seeing our Mass family.

Love Mom