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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pumpkin Painting

First, a couple of thoughts...

Rainy days are a stay at home mom's worst enemy.

My kids are going to watch entirely too much tv today. But Baby Signing Time is educational so I don't count that. Don't hate.

Ben's newest word is 'frog' except that it REALLY doesn't sound like frog. It sounds exactly like what you are secretly thinking it sounds like. He has been saying it ALL day.

In case you were wondering, crayola washable markers are very easy to clean off of a television screen.

Jack is in a funk today and has been whining/crying pretty much since he got up.

Mairead's newest phrase is, "Oh! I know!" She says it almost every time I ask her a question. 'Are you hungry?' "Oh! I know! Peanut butter!" It's cute.

While I was setting up lunch, someone colored Jack's face with brown marker. No child will confirm or deny involvement in this. I actually think it was Jack himself since his hands had brown marker on them, too.

Follow up- Crayola washable markers are reasonably easy to remove from a child's face.

Jack didn't want to be in his crib for morning naps (neither boy slept) so he was yelling, "Mom!!! Jack's turn! Up!"

It's a good thing they are so cute because I'd be tempted to put them on Craigslist as a complete set.

Evidence in the case of Marker v. Hickok

I found a few more from the Halloween party... Ben is a Lion, Jack is a tiger.

A very sleepy tiger.

Apparently, the Lion needed to take a call. He was saying, "Ha whoa? Ha whoa?"

To keep busy today, we painted pumpkins for Halloween. They had a great time and it kept them happy for a while, which made me happy! It's not the neatest project around, but it was fun.


Mairead has her Halloween party at school tomorrow and then we are taking the kids trick or treating on Sunday, so there will be more Halloween pictures to come!


Terry Family said...

I wish I had your courage! Just looking at the painting pumpkin mess gave me an upset stomach! lol. I can do messes, but that's a little too much for me! Well, unless we're outside.

I love the boys costumes! Good luck to you! hehehe

Joseph "Connor" said...

This post was SO funny. I agree about rainy days - even for those of us who don't stay at home, we dread rainy days because it means no outside play (even at daycare), which leaves a very energetic 3-year-old when I go to pick him up. God bless you for staying at home!