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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

NVMoM Halloween Party

This past weekend, my Mothers of Multiples group hosted its annual Halloween Party for families. I happend to be co-chair of this event, so while it was a lot of work, it seemed like everyone had a great time! It was nice to see a fun family event come together. We only have a few pictures but I promise that more costume pictures are forthcoming as Mairead has a party at school on Thursday and they will dress up on Sunday, too, of course.

Special thanks to Aunt Jenna the Great for coming to the party to help Dave while I was coordinating things.

An elephant, a lion, and a tiger... our own little circus... how appropriate.


Joseph "Connor" said...

They are SO cute. I love the "circus" theme.

The Plateniks said...

Adorable! Too bad it's not lions and tigers and bears and you could be Dorothy! Good job on the party!

Terry Family said...

lol! That's hysterical! Your own little circus! They are adorable!