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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Heard from the neurologist

After stalking, I mean, politely making repeated phone calls to the neurologist's office, I finally have an update. It's not much, but it's a place to start.

He didn't have a lot to offer except that he does concur with the original neurologist about her having an ischemic attack with diffusions in the white matter. Bascially, a stroke. Yeah, I know, thanks. I talked to him about her delays, etc, and where to go from here, and he is going to schedule an MRI and recommends that we have her tested by a neuro-psychologist. I told him about the IEP mtg and what the school said, and he said, "I am shocked by that. I mean, what do they want?" He was truly puzzled that they would not offer her a spot in a pre-school. He asked me to have EI write a summary of their concerns and then forward that to him so that he can look at it and try to be of some help to us.

So, I am happy that we are moving forward with a new MRI. I mean, who knows what her brain looks like now? After we do that, maybe he will have more insight into what is going on with her and why she has such varying skills and challenges.

I am glad he gave the suggestion of the neuro-psychologist, too, since a few people (some of you included) mentioned that as an option. He also recommended a test that he would ask the schools to do, and encouraged us to seek an Independent Educational Evaluation (all things I was already going to do, but it helped a lot to hear him say all of the things I was already thinking of).

I feel better, I guess, because I at least feel like he wants to help us and that SOMETHING is going to get done (MRI, neuro-psych, etc).

I am looking at options within school dept to find out how to get her re-evaluated. I'm not sure how things will go there since today was the last day of school, and many staff members do not work over the summer.

So, that's where we stand, I guess. I will probably try to find a developmental pediatrician and at least get on a wait list or whatever so that I have that option down the road.

I have to say that I have been SO overwhelmed with the support everyone has offered. We have heard from so many of you with ideas, suggestions, thoughts, prayers, or whatever you could offer. It really does help us to deal with all of this. I also love that we have so many friends and family members who just refuse to take 'no' for an answer! I guess no one ever told any of you that 'you can't fight city hall...'.

In other news, we had to skip swimming tonight because Mairead has a mild ear infection. This is only the second one she has ever had, and it is pretty mild. We just didn't want to make things worse by taking her swimming today. From the looks of the weather report, she should have plenty of chances to swim this weekend, anyway!

We did get to the playground today since no one had therapy and we did not have to save our energy for swimming. We usually go on Fridays, but this Friday is supposed to be 87 degrees, and that is a bit too hot for the playground!

These pictures were taken with my cell phone so they are not that great. The first one shows a new trick that Mairead learned from a certain aunt of hers... hmmm... who could that be? Drinking out of the hose is a new talent that she has.

Jack and Ben are happy to share in the sandbox (Ben is in blue)...

Or on the swings (Ben in blue again)! They are just the right size to fit in the swing together. It is pretty damn cute, I have to say. Also, they get a little nervous on the swing alone, especially Jack, but he loved being in there with Ben!

The boys are doing really well. Jack is saying SO many words! Yesterday, he started saying, "Me down" when he is all finished eating. He is walking pretty much all the time now, which is great. Ben is just about the strongest 15 mos old ever, and has amazing balance. He can climb pretty much anything (not my favorite skill of his) and has excellent control on any kind of surface.

Our walk yesterday was just about the best thing ever because a garbage truck drove right next to us while picking up the recycling. AND, the man beeped the horn and waved at us. Jack just kept pointing and saying, "I see car, I see car." Ben was waving and yelling, "Vrmmm, vrmm," and Mairead very clearly said, "a garbage truck." Yep, pretty exciting stuff!


katiec said...

You won't catch THIS aunt drinking out of the hose, so I'm going with Jen teaching her that skill.

3G's said...

That picture of them in the swing.. adorable! Love the water pic too! Glad things are looking up! Enjoy your weekend and father's day!

Terry Family said...

That double swing is really cool!!