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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day at the Donahue's

Yesterday, the whole family was invited to a BBQ at our friends, the Donahues, house. I have been friends with Josh since 7th grade, and now my brother is going to marry his sister. How cool is that? Through the years, we have become friends with Josh's parents, siblings, wife, and then daughter. Ailish is just four months younger than Mairead, so we hope they will be life-long friends, too!

We had a great time yesterday and only wish we could have stayed longer. Josh and Becky did a great job hosting and it was fun to see so many friends. Both Josh and Becky's siblings and parents are incredibly nice, too, so we felt so welcome.

Josh's mom helped Ben try out the motorcycle.

Brady (our friend who is just 6 weeks older than my boys) mastered the motorcycle with ease.

Jack found someone who was willing to rock and cuddle him, so he was quite content. Thanks, Becky!

Ailish was so good about sharing her home and her toys with all of the other kids. She showed them all how it was done (with help from her uncle)!

Mairead was very serious about collecting horseshoes. She did really well. It was a new situation with a lot of kids, and she had a great time running and playing with everyone.

Ben found a frisbee. Why is it that I can really picture him being a frisbee player?

Jack was checking out the whole situation with that serious look he has.

Their outfits, by the way, were gifts from Grandma Dorothy. So cute!
We had to head home since all three were exhausted by the fesitivities. We literally had to fight to keep the boys awake until 6:30, and Mairead went to bed an hour early, too. They just had too much fun!

Ben had his nightcap and hit the hay!

Thanks to the Donahues for hosting- we really had a nice day with our family and yours. And thanks to everyone who helped keep my kids from falling off of the deck, climbing into the pool, etc. I loved seeing everyone's families and how well everyone is doing. It's so amazing and so fun to see my high school friends as moms and dads now. I also heard from a few people that read our blog and I love it! I'm so glad that the adventures (and misadventures) of our kids can brighten your day!

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