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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Strollin' Along

We have had a couple of firsts this week- Jack and Ben tried teething cookies for the first time. Jack only liked them if someone held it for him. He's yelling in this picture because my mom made him do it himself. It is pretty much the worst picture of him, ever.

For Ben, teething cookie = best thing ever. He LOVED it. Both boys are bothered by their teeth lately, so they were happy for some relief.

They enjoyed their cookies while tooling around in their walkers. They are getting REALLY good at getting around that way.

Speaking of getting around- check out another first- our first ride in the new in-line triple stroller. We bought it with the money Dave won while playing some game in a bar. See, kids? Going to bars is good for you.

Mairead can either sit or stand on the back while the boys are in their seats. It's a hassle to get all three in and out of it, but there doesn't seem to be any 'quick' way to transport three kids under the age of three!

I do still have the triple jogger and we use that for our walks. We go 2.5-3 miles three or four days a week, weather permitting. I am going to miss those walks when the weather turns! But, the jogger can't fit in the car with all of the kids, nor can it fit into a doorway. So this stroller is for trips to playgroups, the library, stores, etc. I hope it works out because it is huge and expensive, so I hope it is worth it!

The kids are definitely keeping us busy. Ben is crawling all over the place and Jack is army crawling right behind him. Ben is in to EVERYTHING. The other day I had to untangle him from the phone cord, and then take away the plastic chair (of Mairead's) that he was about to swing at his brother. Jack is a little thief and takes anything Ben has. Ben HAS been stealing things back, lately, but Jack is much better at it. He takes whatever Ben has, and then Ben cries. It's kind of funny, actually, because you can see Jack's little mind working and scheming as to how he is going to get Ben's things. They are so stinkin' cute I can't stand it.

Mairead is also awesome. She learns something new every five minutes. The other day she correctly identified a caribou. She says words I have NO idea where she learned- it's amazing. She is incredibly sweet to the boys and plays very nicely with them. She definitely does some two year old stuff that I could live without, but we still consider ourselves lucky considering how independent and stubborn she is.

November is crazy for us. Between now and Thanksgiving, the kids and I have three play dates set up and I have a MoM's night out. I am also meeting up with grad school friends and their kids next week. We're celebrating Fake Thanksgiving with my family, we are having a few friends over for the night before real Thanksgiving, and then heading to NY the next morning to celebrate Thanksgiving there. More immediately, I am going to dinner with Katie tomorrow since that will be harder to do since I am going to be an aunt sometime in the next month! Also, I am getting my hair cut Friday for the first time in 7 months. Yikes.

The kids are over their colds, which is good news. I have to be the crazy lady who is nuts about germs, hand washing, etc. I had to tell a little girl at the playground not to touch the babies the other day. I felt bad about it, but I am not taking any chances on these kids getting sick. So I have to be 'that mom.'

I apologize if this is all very un-interesting mom stuff... Being a mom is my life now and I love it. Staying home with the three kids is the hardest job I have ever had- much harder than teaching, and that is saying something! It's also the best and most important job I have ever had. I don't want to go back to work, ever. I love what I am doing-- hopefully I am doing it right!

Thanks for checking in!

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Caitlin, Al, and Brielle said...

That stroller is quite the contraption! Mairead looks like she loves it! I am glad that you are liking/loving your "new" job and I believe you when you say that it is harder than teaching! Who would have thought anything would be harder than teaching! Can't wait to see you guys next week!