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Friday, November 6, 2009

8 Months Old!

Hard to believe, but Jack and Ben are 8 months old today! Time is going by so quickly and they are growing so much! These hats have their names on them, and I bought them before they were born to help me tell the boys apart. The boys were so tiny, however, that they were swimming in the hats. Now, I can barely get them on their heads!

Ben and Jack

Jack and Ben

I don't usually dress them alike, but these little shirts say 'Best Buddies.' I couldn't resist. I thought about how nice it is that they will always have each other and always have a best friend. They are very lucky little guys! I do wish that Mairead had a sister because my sisters are so special to me, but she will have a special girl cousin very soon, so that is comforting to me.

I think they look so much alike in this one. Identical, you might say.

They are even wearing shoes now. Although, Ben is Shoe-dini and wears them very briefly. Then, he chews on them.

Do you know hard it is to get one picture with both babies even looking at me? Let alone smiling!

Ben and Jack

Jack and Ben ignoring me while trying to see the tv that is in the other room.

I took this one of Ben for a reason. When he was 2 1/2 weeks old and had just come home, I took a picture of him next to this same doll. That picture is below...

Can you believe how tiny he was? And this was at 2 weeks old when he had gained a lot of weight. Jack was tinier still! They have come so far, and while I still worry about them constantly, I know they are doing great and they bring us so much joy.
When people see that I have twins they very often say, "Oh, looks like Double Trouble!" and I smile and nod politely. Lately, however, the boys are living up to this comment. Ben is crawling all over the place and actually trying to pull himself up onto things... like the cable box, Mairead's little chairs, the footrest on my dad's chair... he is a daredevil and he is everywhere! Jack is another kind of trouble- he is so deliberate and goes after exactly what he wants. He is not crawling yet, but he can scoot really well and has a very long reach. He steals Ben's toys, grabs the jar of food during feedings, and always has this look on his face like he is formulating some kind of plan. We are in for it!
Their sister is handling them very well- she is very sweet to them. When one baby is in the swing, she goes over and presses the button to make the swing play music. She brings them toys (just not HER toys) and covers them with blankets. It's adorable.
She is learning so much, too. She is really into shapes right now, especially oval, for some reason. She has to tell us what color everything is, or what it is. Dave takes her to Hannafords and she announces the name of every item she can identify. I wish I had a video camera that I could use for the blog because the stuff she says is a riot. I am looking into getting a device to convert our camcorder videos to usable files, so we'll see if I can swing that.
We are so thankful for our amazing children. Thanks to all of you for checking in!


Joseph "Connor" said...

I remember that picture of Jack and the doll! I am still amazed at how small he was - and at how big he is now! Keep up the good work!

The Plateniks said...

does your digital camera have a movie mode? Most of them do...a little camera thingy symbol. Happy 8 months, boys!

Mairead Elizabeth Hickok said...

My old digital camera had movie mode, but it died. Ironically, my super fancy expensive camera does not have it... unless I have been missing something this whole time...

Terry Family said...

So cute! It's amazing how fast they grow and how soon we forget how little they were.