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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Special Blankets

When the boys were only a few months old, we lost a very special aunt of Dave's, Aunt Ellen. She was a warm and loving person who had a very big heart. She lost her battle to cancer and never had the chance to meet the boys. Shortly after she died, we found out from her daugher, Megan, that Aunt Ellen had knitted two blankets for our little guys as one of her last gifts, and Megan sent them to us for Jack and Ben to have. We were so touched by yet another act of kindess from Aunt Ellen, and we will always treasure the blankets she made for each of our children. Today, we used the blankets for the first time because it is getting chilly for our walks now. Don't the kids look nice and cozy, all bundled up? Thank you, Aunt Ellen! And thanks, Megan, for sending the blankets.

These little acorn hats were gifts from our friend, Alisa. When she gave them to us, the boys' entire bodies probably could have fit in them! But, they have grown into the hats just in time for cooler weather. They were actually happier than they looked in these pictures- it was just about nap time!



Ready for our walk! I have joked that I am going to make an exercise DVD and sell it to make millions. There are only three steps. 1- Have 3 babies. 2- Live on top of a huge hill. 3- Take the babies for walks in a triple stroller. What a workout!

When Mairead was born, there was no mistaking that she was Dave's daughter- she looked just like him. Now, though, I definitely see myself in her- both physically and in terms of personality.

Don't mind the cookie crumbs!

This is how we found Ben yesterday after being on the floor playing with Jack. We had to pick Jack up since Ben had rolled pretty much on top of him. Ben is dying to crawl. He gets up on his knees and elbows pretty well, actually, which is amazing for a 6 month old preemie! We are really happy with how they are growing and developing. Their personalities are SO defined already. Ben wants to move constantly, but he doesn't care where. He just twists and rolls aimlessly, winding up under furniture, on top of Jack, etc. Jack is so deliberate. He doesn't try to move until he makes up his mind to go after something specific. Funny how identical twins can be so different so early on!

And here's our daughter. With a bucket on her head.

She is SO much fun right now. She is learning so many new words and so many new ways to play. She likes to organize things-- toys, books, the spice drawer in the kitchen. I have no idea where she gets that from... She is also very sweet to the babies. When she gets up in the morning, she comes down and says, "Babies? Are you?" Then, when she finds them, she says, "Babies! One, two! One, two!" She also plays with them a little bit more. They LOVE watching her. And, of course, she loves the attention! We are SO lucky to have these amazing children!

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