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Friday, September 18, 2009

School Days

This afternoon, I took the kids to Daddy's school for the first time. Saugus High is very different than Brockton High. Their entire student body is just over 800 kids. At the last graduation I did, we graduated 908. I liked it there- it felt more like a 'regular' school than Brockton because it is so small. Giant high schools are all I know after attending Lowell High and working at BHS, so it was neat to see someplace totally different. Mairead LOVED it there.

First, we checked out Daddy's classroom and ate some chicken nuggets. She was sitting in the seat saying, "Numm, numm."

Then, she had to check out the books on the shelves.

She looks a little too old for me, here. I already feel like her first day of school is going to come too quickly!

Dave scooped her up after she was running through the hallways. The dismissal bell rang and suddenly the hallway was filled with kids. Instead of being intimidated by these tall, loud, unknown kids, she went running through the crowds of them yelling, "RUN!! RUN!!." I told her we had to go back and find Daddy and she started yelling, "Daddy? Are you???" She had a blast weaving her way through the kids and running up and down the halls.

Lest you think we are all about school and 'smart' stuff like that, here's a picture of Ben from dinner last night.
I promise, he didn't actually drink any beer. He liked that bottle, though!

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The Plateniks said...

oh, phew, for a minute I thought you guys had gone all geek parent on me. kidding. Looks like Mairead may be ready for high school, but Ben has moved on to college already.