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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

We've Been Busy!

First, another milestone has come upon us- the boys are 4 months old! They are getting SO big. Ben is about 14 1/2 lbs, and Jack is about 14 1/4 lbs. They are just about triple their birth weight-- not bad for preemies! Our next pediatrician appointment is on the 16th, so we will find out about their overall health, percentiles, etc. I think they are doing great! They are actually chubby- Mairead never had the little 'rolls' and double chins that these guys have-- I think they are going to be big boys.

Ben at 4 months

Jack at 4 months

Jack on the left, Ben on the right

Now that they are 4 months, they have even bigger appetites. So, we decided to try giving them some cereal mixed with bananas. They LOVED it. They literally could not get enough, and they cried between bites because they wanted more. I was glad to see that we have a new way to get food into these growing guys.

Jack was pretty neat about it...

Ben was not...

Mairead had a great 4th of July weekend since it was finally nice out! We set up her baby pool and she had a blast playing in there.

Of course, playing outside can tire you out, so we had to be sure to relax for Miss Spider time with Daddy. Ben is watching, too. He loves tv.

Ben and Jack had their 4th of July outfits on.

We took Mairead out for ice cream and she discovered m&ms. Those were her favorite part. You can tell that she is half asleep while eating.

The ice cream place also had some coin-operated rides that she tried out. She had fun, but she was not letting go of her Dad! She was saying, "neigh, neigh!".

Note the writing on her shirt. It says, "Miss Independence." I know it is for 4th of July, but it applies to Mairead pretty much all the time.

These are Jen's sunglasses. I think she looks a lot like Jen in this picture, too.

We also tried out the playground near Nana and Grampy's house. She likes the slide the best and runs toward it yelling, "slide, slide." She can climb the steps and get herself onto and down the slide without help. It probably helps that she is so tall! I think she had a growth spurt because she is growing out of some 2T clothes, and she did not stop eating for pretty much the entire weekend. She is getting so tall! We actually took her to a playground today and another mom asked how old she was. When I told her that she was not quite two, the mom couldn't believe it. She thought she was 3! WNBA here we come!

We are having so much fun with all of the kids right now. Mairead is a constant source of entertainment. Her favorite phrases right now are, "Where'd it go?" "There you are!", "Gotcha," "Set, go!" and a few others. She also 'counts,' which means she points to things one by one and assigns numbers. Usually the numbers are 'free, four five, six.' I don't know what happened to one and two.
Anyway, I hope this catches everyone up on what's going on with us. The only bad news is that the offer on our house fell through after the buyers kept making more and more unreasonable demands. So, we are starting over with that. I hope something happens quickly so that we can move on. We'll keep you posted!


The Plateniks said...

Wait! Will ONLY says, "ton, two!" so they can count together! I love the boys' overalls...in fact, I wish I had a pair. Sorry about the house...hopefully something else will come up.

Terry Family said...

Great pictures! The boys are getting so big! Not to mention Mairead! Those M&M's may come in handy during toilet training! I hear parents give an M&M when the child goes on the toilet. You may be onto something!!