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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

In less than a month...

Our baby is going to be two. TWO! I can't believe it- this is the last month that she will be one, and I am nostalgic already. Even though we have our little guys (almost four months- yikes), she is still our baby and she is turning into a little girl right in front of us! I am totally in love with her- and I totally love this age. She has so many new words lately. Her favorites seem to be 'ow,' and 'color' (she loves coloring). When you pull her shirt over her head, she says, "where'd you go? There you are!". So stinkin' cute!

She is also really into blocks. She is really good at building things, too! Check out the tower she built at Nana and Grampy's the other day!

Granted, I took this picture in the two seconds that it was standing, but still-- not too shabby for a kid who had a stroke in the part of her brain that deals with spatial relationships. We were so worried about how it would effect her- I guess this is a really good sign!

Coloring is definitely her favorite right now. When she wakes up in the morning or from her nap, she runs over to the hutch (where we keep the coloring supplies) and points to it yelling, "color, color!". Coloring has even taken precedence over eating!

What a beautiful daughter we have- she'll always be our baby!


Caitlin and Al said...

I can't believe that she is going to be two either! You are right, she will always be your baby!

The Plateniks said...

Happy Birthday Month, Mairead! Will loves the block tower, he said, "Woah!" A girl after his own heart...literally.