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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

NY Trip Part III, and her last day of being ONE!

First, let me say how amazed I am that today is Mairead's last day as a one year old. Tomorrow is her second birthday! So, today is our last day with three kids under two.... now we will just have three under three... piece of cake. We love our little girl to pieces and are having so much fun with her every day. Of course, I will be posting lots of birthday pictures and some sappy mom comments about how big my baby girl is getting!

For now, here are some pictures of our trip to Adirondack Animal Land while we were in NY. Grandma took care of the boys so that Dave and I could take Mairead and Rachael for a special day. We had a great time! Mairead loves animals and pointed them all out to us, along with yelling the sounds that they make. Ducks were among her favorites... Quack, quack!

She had no fear of any of the animals. If she didn't know what they were, she just said, "Hi, dog." Kind of like Mark Wahlberg, for you SNL fans...

Once again, half the day was spent with Dave chasing after her.

See what I mean about no fear? You can see the top of her little head amongst all of the deer who were vying for some crackers.

Rachael did a great job showing Mairead around and giving her a ride in the stroller. Mairead is lucky to have a cousin like that!

Thanks to everyone in NY who made our trip a great success! I promise to update with pictures of my TWO YEAR OLD soon!

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