Thank you all for sharing in the lives of our three amazing children- Mairead, Jack, and Ben. We hope you visit often!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Just lying around

Please forgive the poor quality of these pictures- I used our old digital and it seems to be dying on us...

Anyway- the boys spent their mornings doing pretty much the same thing, albeit in very different places. Both were just lying around getting some rest and staying warm. For Ben, that meant lying on the floor while the sun shone in as he caught some rays. He had a little baseball cap to shield his eyes, but it covers his entire head.

To give you some perspective, we put Mairead's little doll next to Ben- he is not much bigger! He was all the way up to 6lbs 2oz at last check. That seems huge compared to his 5lbs 3oz birth weight.

Jack was also resting this morning in his warm little hospital bed. The first picture was taken without removing his plastic hood under which he receives his oxygen, so it is a little blurry. But you can see that he is still keeping an eye on things under there.

This is his room in the NICU. He is in an isolation room so as to prevent the spread of RSV. The nice thing is that when we visit him, we have a private space to spend time with him.

This one is a little closer and does not include the hood- he was pretty tired when I was there this morning. There is no real change, but I think that he seems better today. He was more alert and responsive, and he seems to be breathing a little easier. His oxygen levels were very good, and they had even reduced the amount of oxygen he was receiving. He is almost at room air levels, so that is good. They also discontinued his chest PT because they think they have loosened up whatever was in there. He is still working hard to breathe and he still sounds like he has a bad cold, but we are happy at any little sign of improvement. They need to get him to room air, and then he needs to eat his minimums at every feeding- it's like deja vu since those feedings were what held Ben up for so long. We hope that when he feels better, Jack will return to his old self and handle those feedings well.

That's all the news for today- thanks for checking in with us.


Joseph "Connor" said...

Jack looks a little like Dave in that last pic! Man, you've got some adorable babies!! It seems like Jack is making progress! Thanks for posting pics- I love to see the little guys!

Terry Family said...

It's so nice to see pictures of the little guys ~they're adorable. I'm glad to hear Jack is improving.

Caitlin and Al said...

How Precious! It was so nice to see pictures of Jack and Ben. Always thinking of you guys! Hope Mairead is doing well.