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Friday, March 27, 2009

In the interest of fairness...

I need to post a little bit about Mairead. We do have three really cute kids- not just two. And, this was her blog to begin with.

Once she is in her pajamas, Mairead knows that it is time to sit and watch Miss Spider with Daddy. She also knows that the remotes control the television, and they are the best way to get Miss Spider on tv, or to watch 'dancing.' When she wants to watch something, she grabs the remotes and says, "dancing, dancing." Last night, she settled into her chair to check out her shows.

Mairead has been very busy practicing to be a big sister. My mom took her to Target last week to buy a baby doll, and they also found some fun accessories. Mairead takes very good care of her baby, and had a great time pushing her around the house last night. She is incredibly sweet. When the baby is in her crib, she says, "Night, night," to it, and then tells us to 'shhh.' Sometimes the baby must misbehave, though, because we hear Mairead yelling, "No! No!" at her sometimes.

In other news- I saw Jack this morning (thanks so much to Lee for coming over to watch Ben) and he looked great. He was taking a break from his oxygen hood and was doing just great breathing regular room air. For about an hour, he had no oxygen at all and his saturation levels were perfect. This is a huge step. They don't think he will last the whole day with no oxygen at all, so they will just watch him and give him what he needs. But, the fact that he is out of his hood means that we can hold him more often and that he will be more comfortable and have more mobility in his little bed. He was incredibly aware and alert this morning- he was definitely listening to the conversation I was having with the nurse and his little eyes were looking all around to check things out. I was very encouraged by the way he looked today. Let's hope he keeps making forward progress!

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Joseph "Connor" said...

That's awesome! I love to hear that jack is making progress!