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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sick Days

On Sunday morning, Mairead woke up with a very sudden sickness. She was vomiting, had a temp, runny nose, cough, the whole deal. It really came out of nowhere, so we were not prepared for it- especially since this kid is never sick! We were in Lowell that day so everyone did what they could to make her feel better. She even got extra baths, which she loves. She spent the day in pjs (although she needed 3 different sets of them). Coincidentally, my uncle, Jim, brought my mom some new sheets, and they matched Mairead's pajamas very nicely! You can see from the pictures that she was just wiped out. Anyone who knows Mairead knows that lying on pillow watching tv is NOT her typical personality! Also, she was pretty much refusing to eat anything we offered. Again- VERY out of character!

She is feeling much better today, but yesterday was rough. No more vomiting, but she was running a temp all day and just felt miserable. She slept pretty well last night, but both last night and Sunday night, she had to be rocked to sleep. I say this with emphasis because she hasn't done that since she was about 3 months old. You all know that she is not a 'snuggly' kid- she's too independent! I have to admit that I didn't mind that part of her being sick- I miss her cuddly days!
I'm hoping that the worst of it is behind us- and she is being really great about it. She is obviously not happy, but she isn't being difficult or too cranky- she is such a great kid!

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Ms. Thomasy said...

Hey, Maghan! Nicole's "Thirty-Something Life" blog links to your own, so I thought I'd pay a visit to check up on you, your boys and Mairead. I love the polka dots, your little girl is so beautiful! We miss you at work, although Sophie, your long-term substitute is AWESOME (seriously, she's great, you'd be so relieved!), it isn't the same without you in the office. Hope the pregnancy is going well, and that you are resting up! Best, Rachel