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Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Dave Hickok Method of Babysitting

The other day, I bought a few new storage containers to try to make more space in our house. Mairead, of course, thought they were toys and wanted to play in them. They came in handy last night when Dave babysat Connor while Connor's mom, Jaime, and I went to dinner with our friends to celebrate our friend Jenn's engagement (congrats, Jenn!). Mairead and Connor fit nicely into the container, and this made it easy for Dave to keep tabs on both of them! Luckily, I bought three of them, so we have one for Mairead and one for each of the boys!


Terry Family said...

that's great! Way to go Dave! Love the new header picture!

Joseph "Connor" said...

It's funny - because tonight Connor crawled into the laundry baskets by himself, just to hang out!

Katie said...

I have some of those containers, and they actually have a pic on the top with a baby and a circle with a line through it.

The Plateniks said...

Happy Birthday, Maghan! Will loved the sledding videos and Josh took note of how to babysit. Actually, I've read that those containers are great places for older kids to play with their smaller sized toys when you have littler ones crawling around...so they can drop stuff and no one chokes. Write that one down.