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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

On Wednesday, Dave and I celebrated our two year wedding anniversary. Man, has it been an eventful two years! After getting married, we got pregnant, went on our honeymoon, bought a house, moved, I finished my Master's Degree, got pregnant again, and now we are expecting twins! These two years have been amazing and Dave and I are excited to see what the next year brings for us and for our growing family.

Thanks to all of you who sent cards, emails, text messages, and phone calls to send anniversary wishes. Our favorite card came from our niece, Rachael, who drew a special picture for us. As you can see, she already knows, at only 5 years old, that we are going to have our hands full! Thanks for the great card, Rachael!
In other sort of anniversary news, this is the 101st post on our blog. Thanks for keeping up with our lives-- on to the next 100!


John and Michelle said...

Happy Anniversary! I can't believe it has been two years already! That was a fun wedding!

Terry Family said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!