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Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Beautiful Fall Day

Today brought us beautiful weather so we had to get outside and enjoy it! Today is also Mairead's BFF, Connor's first birthday-- Happy Birthday, Connor!

We spent some time in the yard and Mairead got a ride from her Daddy. We also played ball and pushed around her little walking toy. After that, we took a walk over to the soccer fields to see all of the kids. She loved it! The fields across from our house are full of people every Saturday and she just kept saying, "kids, kids" over and over. Someday, she'll be running around playing soccer, too!

The shirt she is wearing has a lion on it and says 'Leo' because that is her astrological sign. My grandfather's name was Leo, and he was a pretty amazing person, so I think it is very fitting that she has that sign.
The Irish sweater she has on was a gift from one of my students last year. Bridget asked her grandmother to make it for Mairead when the kids threw a baby shower for me. I have been waiting for her to get big enough to wear it- I love it and I thought it was so sweet of Bridget and her grandmother to do that for us.

We hope that all of you are enjoying a nice fall day, too!


Joseph "Connor" said...

Connor appreciates the shout out for his birthday! Mairead looks like she had a blast in those pictures. I love these fall days!

The Plateniks said...

I love that new banner photo of her at the top! Now I have to find out what Will's sign is and see if it matches his developing personality. So..you never wrote back to me...Jack and Liam, right?

Terry Family said...

love the new pumpkin background and the new header picture. Enjoy the days of fall - hope you're feeling good. Kiss Mairead for us!