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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Mairead is Six!

On July 29, Mairead celebrated her sixth birthday!  She requested a turtle theme for her party, so turtles we had!  A group of her friends came to celebrate with her and for the first time ever, it did not rain on the day of her birthday party.  She was finally able to have a pool party.  One of the guests was her friend, Zack, who she just adores.  There happened to be a birthday party on that same day for a boy in the class, and Zack had been invited to that party as well.  I explained to Zack's mom that he would be the only boy at Mairead's party, and we totally understood if he wanted to go to the boy's party.  He told his mom that he still wanted to come to Mairead's party and he didn't mind at all.  How sweet is he?

On her actual birthday, we started with breakfast at the Owl, which she loves.  We had to bring our newest friend, Rainbow Dash.  Someone let Jen and Mairead loose in the Build-a- Bear store, and they came home with the sparkliest, most colorful, most, um, beautiful pony.  I don't think Mairead let it out of her hands for two weeks.  That thing went everywhere and still sleeps with Mairead at night.  Everywhere we went with it, we attracted a lot of attention, which Mairead loved!

Obviously, Rainbow Dash needed to have roller skates, so Mairead is able to pull it around by the leash it also needed to have.  This was very handy when we visited Brian in the hospital.  We stopped by the ER first to see my mom, and everyone there came to check out the pony.  Then, we traveled to a whole other part of the building to see Brian, and we led it down the halls in ICU.  Patients and nurses were peeking out of doors to see us pass by.  Brian was pretty surprised to see this creation, and Mairead was very proud to show it off!  Thanks, Jen and Mike!

As it happened, Mairead's Girl Scout troop had a trip to a stable planned for July 29.  Well, it was actually supposed to be earlier in the month but it ended up being over 100 degrees that day, so the trip was rescheduled!  So, we visited Flying Change Stables to see the horses.  The girls had a chance to feed, groom, and even ride the little ones.  Mairead chose not to ride that day, but she still had a lot of fun with her friends.  And, the girls sang Happy Birthday to her at the end!

Six years happened all too quickly.  One minute, she was this tiny little thing and now she is turning into a beautiful little lady.  She is 49 inches tall and looks even older than she is.  She is learning new things every day and can read pretty much any word she sees.  She loves singing and making up little songs, and she has the sweetest voice.  She is a miracle and we are so thankful to have her in our lives.  Happy birthday, Sunshine!

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