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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Grandma's House Part I

We had another great summer visit to Grandma and Grandpa's house!  As always, there were fun adventures every day.  One new experience is that we all got to visit Grandma's horse, Mai Tai, at the barn. It was very cool and the kids had a great time.  Rachael did an awesome job of showing the kids around the barn, telling them how to take care of the horses, and how to be safe.  The kids really look up to her so they listened very well to their older cousin.  Mai Tai is a very gentle horse and the kids had the opportunity to pet and feed her, which was pretty cool.  Rachael and Grandma led them around the paddock and everyone thought that was exciting!

Another fun day was spent at a local pool to which Grandma and Rachael have a membership.  There is a huge swimming pool with diving boards and everything, as well as a very small kiddie pool that is only about 12 inches deep.  Ben LOVED the little pool and still asks every couple of days when he can go to that pool again.  Jack was brave and did a lot of swimming in the big pool with Dave.  Mairead was, of course, in the big pool with Rachael.  There were a ton of families there enjoying the day and it was a great atmosphere.  It was also very hot, so it was a great day to be at the pool.  They also happened to have a small band there that day hosting a 'hoe down,' so the kids were able to enjoy the music and even learn a few new dance steps.

Grandma and Grandpa surprised the kids with some fun gifts when they arrived.  Mairead and Rachael spent a lot of time playing together with My Little Pony, and Rachael's very realistic baby doll, Zeke.  Rachael is a great example for Mairead and it was really nice to see how well the girls played together.  It was very sweet.

Deacon, Ivan's grandson, was also able to visit so there were six kids in the house one night.  Everyone got along well.

Mairead loves to borrow my phone and take pictures of her favorite things, so these are a few shots of her new little ponies.

Our kids are in the unique situation that allows them to know four of their great-grandparents.  We visited three of them in one day during our trip.  First, we went to Memeire's house and sat outside to play for a bit.  We then headed to one of Mim's favorite spots- a local hot dog stand.  The food there was pretty great, and it's a neat little place.  It was nice to sit outside with our lunch, even though it was hot once again!

After lunch, we visited Grandma and Grandpa Hickok, and aunt Melinda.  Dave's grandparents are all amazing.  Mim is 85, Grandma Hickok is 91, and Grandpa is 95.  They are all still going strong and have seen amazing things.  They all live in and care for their own homes, and are very good to their MANY grandchildren and great-grandchildren. 

Jack was getting pretty tired at this point in the day and decided to take a nap under the coffee table.

There are more pictures to come from our visit!

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