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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Welcome to the family, Mairin!

On May 15, we welcomed the newest member of our family- Mairin Brigid Monaghan weighed in at 7lbs, 11oz, and was just perfect!  Brian and Christin are in love with their beautiful and healthy baby girl, and so is the rest of the family!  Mairin is pronounced like 'karen,' and it is a gaelic name derived from 'Mary' which means 'star of the sea.'  It is spelled much like Mairead, and since her name is a variant of 'Maire,' which is the name Mary, I feel like these little Irish girls have a connection already!
The kids always ask about her and want to hold and 'pet' her.  They are all SO sweet to her.  On their first visit to the hospital, the boys each gave Mairin little kisses and were obviously smitten.  Mairead LOVES being the big cousin who gets to hold the baby.  The kids know that when Christin returns to work in September, I will be taking care of Mairin.  Well, according to the kids, "WE" will be taking care of her, and they are really excited to see her every day.  Let's hope that lasts!
Christin and Brian are great parents already and I love seeing how smitten my brother is with his baby girl. 

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Joseph "Connor" said...

STOP IT! I can't stand the cuteness. Mairin is stunning, and Mairead is SUCH a good big cousin. She's such a little love. I know you've worked hard with her helping her with things that don't come easy to her, but one thing that does come easily is her love and adoration for the people around her. I can see her being some type of caregiver in the future. She takes care of her brothers and her cousins. What an amazing little girl (yes, I know... I've said it before, but it's TRUE).