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Friday, November 2, 2012

Parlee Farms with the Fam

On a beautiful day in September, we spent the morning at one of our favorite local places- Parlee Farms.  This is the same place where Mairead had her field trip, but we love it there so we had no problem going again!  The kids have a blast and adults love the farm stand and country kitchen.  They have awesome cider donuts and lots of other treats.  We have been able to get the kids together with their cousins a lot lately, and we are really happy about that.  It's fun to see them grow up together.  And, Jen and Mike were able to come, too, and any adventure is better when your fun aunt and uncle can come!
Lily is a bit obsessed with Mike, so at one point, she ran toward him, squealing with excitement. An older woman nearby said, "Oh, isn't that sweet!"  I said, "And that's not even her dad, it's her uncle!"

After checking out the animal barns and feeding the goats and chickens, the kids took rides on these little mini-tractors.  They are really cute and perfect for little ones.  They also have a big fence to climb, and the boys had a great time with that.  There was a lot of running, squealing, yelling, and eating that morning.  It was such a nice fall activity with the family.  I'm just sad that we are likely running out of days to be outside, so we are trying to make the most of what we have left! 

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