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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Jen and Mike's Rehearsal

On August 3, we headed to Laconia to start Jen and Mike's wedding weekend!  We were all so excited for the event- the kids, especially!  The wedding was held at The Margate resort and it was beautiful there.  The rehearsal was held on Friday evening and it was very pretty, and VERY hot!  It was literally in the high 90s, and then we went into the tent, where the sides were all down, basically creating an oven.  Luckily, our favorite officiant, Judge DiGangi, had everything under control and we were out of there before anyone melted.  The kids were very cooperative, considering, and everyone was ready to do their part for the big day!

The tent is right next to Lake Winnepausake and the view is spectacular. Jen and Mike really picked a beautiful spot!

After the rehearsal, we headed inside for a great family dinner.  It was so fun to see everyone and to spend time relaxing, talking, and watching the kids play.  Jen and Mike were very generous with their gifts and the kids were thrilled with all the surprises. 

Jen gave the kids shirt that she designed herself.  The girls had pink shirts that said, "Flower Girl," and the boys' shirts said, "Bride Security."  On the back of each kid's shirt was the word 'Auntorage" because Jen has so many little followers.  Mairead's lips are a scary blue here, thanks to her lollipop!

There are a million beautiful pictures of the wedding day, but most of them belong to the photographer.  I'll post a few so you can see the beautiful bride and her 'auntorage' in all their splendor!

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