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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Happy Birthday, Mairead!

On July 29, our baby girl turned five.  Five.  These past five years have been incredible.  From the moment we saw her, we loved her more than we thought it possible.  She has amazed us, made us laugh, and made us cry.  She is smart, beautiful, sweet, and funny.  She is strong and resilient, and has already overcome more than many adults have. Every moment with her is precious and every accomplishment is a celebration.  We just love her so much!
We blew up a bunch of balloons and had them ready and waiting when she came down in the morning.  She was thrilled and the look on her face was precious.  Later in the day, some good friends came over to celebrate with us.  Again this year, the party was scheduled to be a pool party but the weather kept us indoors.  Maybe next year, this group will actually get to swim!

The pinata did not fare well, but everyone else had a great time!  We were very grateful that our friends could come and spend the afternoon celebrating our little girl.  Thanks, everyone!

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