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Monday, July 2, 2012

Graduation(s) Day!

On June 13, all three kids had their preschool 'graduation' ceremonies.  Thankfully, Jen rearranged her work schedule so that she could help me out.  The boys' ceremony was at 12:30 and Mairead's was at 2, so I needed to be in two places at the same time.  Dave's students had final exams, so he could not take the day off.  With Jen's help, I was able to be there for all the kids!

The boys' ceremony was too stinkin' cute.  They are not really graduating since they will be in the same school next fall, but it was still an exciting day.  The teachers did such a great job and the kids all practiced so hard.  There were about 25 kids in the program and there must have been 150 adults there!  The kids took it all in stride, though.  Ben covered his ears a few times when the singing got loud, and he was seated right next to his teacher, Miss Joanne, so I could see him look to her for encouragement a few times.  Jack, though, had no problem with all the attention.  As the kids all processed in, kids were waving to their moms and dads.  I then heard Jack ask, very loudly, "But where is my mommy?"  He found me in the crowd and I got a big smile.  It was a very sweet moment.  My guys are still pretty small, and at a young three, they have two years of preschool to go, but I was still so proud to see them participating with the other kids.  Jack is a pretty good little singer and knows all the words to several songs.  He didn't seem to have any qualms about performing in front of an audience.  Ben was just so sweet and innocent, looking to Miss Joanne for support.  Hard to believe these little 4 and 5lb babies are growing into these handsome boys!

Jack accepted his diploma and immediately used it as a telescope.  I love how their caps are way too big for their little heads!

After the ceremony, they were so excited to see Jen and me.  We didn't even ask them to hold hands-- they truly love each other so much; it's just adorable.

They hugged each other for a very long time. How lucky are we to have these little guys in our lives? 


As soon as the ceremony ended, I left to get to Mairead's school while Jen took the boys home.  Mairead was so excited to see me at her school.  The class engaged in a little music program and recited some poems for the parents.  Mairead loves her teacher, Mrs. McEvoy, very much, and it was hard to say goodbye to her.  Mrs. M has done so much for Mairead and has really cared for her in the past year and a half, so we are sad that Mairead has to leave her.  This graduation was important to us because of how much time, energy, and stress it took to get Mairead into the integrated preschool program.  We knew that the class would do wonders for her, and it truly has.  I think back to the times when I wondered if she would even be able to go to a typical school, and now she has had so much success at the Pyne.  I hope that she continues to find great support there, and we will keep fighting to help her in any way we can.  She is such a smart and amazing kid.  I hope that she knows it!

 A few days before graduation, I attended the school's Field Day in order to help Mairead and her classmates.  It was fun to interact with the other kids and to see her among her school friends.  While Mairead was running a race, one little girl looked up at me and so earnestly said, "Isn't your daughter doing great?"  I can't tell you how happy it made me to see her being supported by the other kids.  We know that Mairead is a little different and we know that some kids will not be able to handle that well.  But we also know that some kids are going to be her true friends, and seeing those relationships begin is just so important to us.  Mairead has actually been to two birthday parties for school friends lately and both times the girls were so warm and friendly; it was just so sweet.  They run to her for hugs and are genuinely so happy to see her.  The other moms probably think I am a nut because I tera up every time one of the girls gives Mairead a hug.  I worry about her social relationships so much, so seeing her happy with other kids means the world to me.  I hope that as the kids get older and things get harder, they will stay friends and always be so kind to one another.


katiec said...

Too much cuteness in this post! Love it!

The Plateniks said...

They are all so adorable and the love and attention you guys give them really shows in their smiles.