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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Birthday at Bobo's

On the boys' birthday on Tuesday, we went to an indoor playground in Nashua to meet up with some friends.  Thanks to Jack, Aidan, Jeff, Tommy, and their moms for sharing the day with us!  Bobo's is a great way to spend a morning.  They have climbing structures, a bounce house, and a giant inflatable slide.  Everything looks very clean and taken care of.  It's small enough that moms of more than one kid can keep an eye on everyone!  The only down side is that you can't bring snacks or drinks.  But, we had a great time!

Mairead was fascinated by the water bubbler.  I don't think she had ever used one before.  I think they are sort of gross, but she was just too curious to resist, so she tried it out.

After opening some presents that Grandma and Grandpa had sent, Dave and I took the kids out for dinner that night and they were great.  They like to order for themselves now, and they even had ice cream for dessert!  It was nice to spend the day just spending time with them.  I didn't work at all that day and did very little around the house so that I could stop and savor their turning three before I blink and they are four! Wow, even just typing that out, I can't believe that they are even heading toward four!  I think of Mairead as being so much older than they are, but she really isn't!  They are not too far behind!

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