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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Playdate and Pumpkin Painting

One rainy day, we met up with Katie and Lily at an indoor playground to get some energy out.  The kids had a great time exploring and my boys spent most of their time in the bouncy house.  They love it in there!

I don't know who that other child is-- he just kept saying, "Cheese!" and getting in the pictures.

Lily is a nut.  She is one of the funniest kids I have ever met... and boy, does she know it!

As a pre-Halloween project, I thought it would be fun to paint pumpkins like we did last year.  Mairead thought this was a fantastic idea and the boys thought it would be much better to just paint pictures of... you guessed it, Thomas.  Either way, they all had fun.  Mairead was psyched because she got to paint all three pumpkins instead of just one!

The kids are all doing and saying so many cute things lately.  Just a few...

When I took the boys out in the stroller- Jack told me, "We going for a walk in the countryside."

Along the walk, there was a police detail at some construction and the policeman came and said hello to the boys.  When we got home, Jack said, "who is my cousin?  Rachael!"  I said, "Right!  Who else is your cousin?"  "Policeman." 

The day after Trick or Treating (which had been post poned due to the snow and massive power outages), I picked the boys up from school and in the car, Jack said, "We can go for a walk, Mommy?" I told him we might go for a walk later and he said, "A walk when it's dark out." Ben chimed in with, "And trick or eating!" So sad to break the news that 'trick or eating' happens only once a year!  I loved that Ben knew exactly what Jack was talking about!

Mairead is still in love with her Halloween costume.  She calls it her favorite pet and sleeps with it at night.

Mairead learned at school that there "is a skeleton inside my body and it's made of bones."  She has been marveling over this fact for two days.

The way Ben says 'restaurant' is just about the cutest thing ever.  It sounds like 'yestanot.'  Adorable.

Mairead had a bruise on her face last week and my mother explained to her that it was called a 'bruise.'  Later that day, she told me, "I have a booze on my face."

We go to a weekly playgroup and every time we go, Ben finds a certain Thomas toy, and Jack finds the same toy but it is Percy. Last week, Ben found Thomas right away, but Jack didn't find Percy and so moved on to a different toy.

Ben was going through all the bins of toys and then ran to me all distressed- "Jackie can't find Percy! Where's Jackie's Percy?" I found it, gave it to Ben, and he ran to Jack SO proudly to give it to him. Jack said, "Oh Ben, you found my Percy! Thanks, Ben!" Very sweet.

I know there are so many more things that I want to write down so I am sure to remember these moments, but I just can't remember them all!

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