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Monday, September 19, 2011

The More We Get Together

You'll have to turn the volume up for this because she was very quiet, but this is Mairead singing, "The More We Get Together."  I was so happy and so proud when she sang it for me.  This is a child who, six months ago, could not tell me one thing that she did at school.  The other day, I asked her what she did at school and she told me "I do singing."  I asked, "Oh, did you sing "Skiddamarink?" She said, "Nope!", then got up and sang this entire song, complete with hand gestures.  She toned it down a bit when I turned on the camera, but she still did an amazing job.  These are the moments when I remember to look at how far she has come, and now how far she has yet to go.  So proud of this kid!

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