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Monday, August 15, 2011

Mairead's Birthday... again

This lucky kid had the birthday that never ends this year!  We had a few little friends and their moms over last week to help Mairead celebrate.  It just works out that several of my mom friends have little girls who are the same age as Mairead.  So, we bought some pink decorations, made pink cupcakes, and Katie delivered pink cupcake toppers for the party for the girls.

 She loved this pink bow and insisted on wearing it as a hat.
 I loved seeing how nicely and quietly the five girls played together.  So different than how my two boys play!

 After cupcakes, we all enjoyed a 'make your own sundae' dessert.  The plan was for this party to be poolside, but it didn't work out that way due to the weather.  So, we just made the best of it inside.

 Have I mentioned how much Mairead loves chocolate ice cream?  She can't get enough of it!

 After naps, Jack and Ben came down to flirt play with the girls.

The girls and their moms brought such great birthday gifts for Mairead and we are very grateful!  All of the kids had fun at the art table working on projects and coloring pictures while the moms had a chance to chat.  Thanks, everyone, for making it such a great afternoon for Mairead!

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