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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Just Four Fun

For a little while last weekend we found out what it is like to have four kids under five.  Katie and Steve took a trip to Niagra Falls so Lily stayed with us for a few days.  It was definitely interesting to watch the dynamic amongst a new four year old, two two year olds, and a 20 month old.  Mostly, the kids got along great, especially at the playground!

There were a few 'disagreements' over toys, especially since Jack and Ben can be very possessive of their toys, and since Lily is a toddler sized hoarder.  At one point, Ben told me that Lily "need to go to time out," and then later told her to "go away, Lily!"  But then as soon as Lily left, Ben was the one asking where she was, and "go see Lily?"  Mairead loves having Lily around and lately has really been trying to fulfill her job as big sister.  She always wants to help me with the boys and tries to corral them when they run off.  This may or may not involve an arm around their necks, but she tries.  She is also really into helping with housework.  She loves it if I give her a sponge and let her clean.  The other day, in fact, my mother asked her if she wanted to go in the yard and she replied, "I can't go in the yard.  I have to clean."  Well, ok then!

Today, we watched as Hurricane Irene moved through the area with heavy rain and winds.  Luckily, the storm was not too bad around here and there was minimal damage.  We never lost power and everyone is safe.  The kids even handled a whole day inside much better than I expected!

While the kids were napping today, I was able to work on sorting and tagging items to be sold at the tag sale organized by my Mothers of Multiples group.  According to Facebook, lots of other MoMs were doing the same thing-- there will be tons of stuff to buy!  If you want to check it out, the event is on Saturday, September 24th from 10-1.  You can visit this link for more details.  Definitely worth a look... and a 'like' on Facebook!

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katiec said...

Are the items Mairead is wearing in the last picture going to be for sale? :) Thanks for taking such good care of Lily!