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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Just a few wedding pics

Congratulations to Brian and Christin!!! The weekend was awesome- the kids were great. Mairead was AMAZING as a flower girl and we had the best babysitter ever so that we could have a great time. I'll write a longer post with more details and pictures later- we are all still trying to get things around here back to normal. The bride was gorgeous and her groom was so handsome and so sweet. A great time was had by all! Here are just a few pictures from the day- mostly of the kids. I'll do more of the happy couple later!

BIG thanks to my sister, Jen, for taking all of these.  As you know, I am pretty much never without camera in hand, but I had a lot of little jobs that day, plus three kids, so I didn't get to take my own pictures.  Thankfully, Jen got some great shots!  And, just fyi, if you click on the image, you can see it larger.  Hope you like them- there are many more to come!


CaneWife said...

Beautiful photos! It looks like you had an amazing week!

Smokin' Hot Mama! said...

Seriously Meg. Why are your kids so cute? I can hardly stand it. The bow ties and the flower crown? I almost died.

Terry Family said...

These pictures are so amazing!!! I don't think the kids could be any sweeter! thanks for sharing