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Sunday, June 19, 2011

For Father's Day this year, we decided to try something new!  At Katie's suggestion, we planned a day at Lynch Park in Beverly and we had a perfect day.  The weather was beautiful, the park had so much to offer, and we spent the day with our family.  What more could we ask for?

We have been telling the kids for a few days that we were going to the beach, so they were incredibly excited this morning.  They just asked over and over, "Go the beach?  Go the beach, Mommy?"  Mairead was slightly disappointed when she learned that we would be going in the car.  She said, "We go on the plane, yet?"  Turns out, Team Umi Zoomi went to the beach recently and they took a plane to get there.  When I broke that news that we were going in the car, she said, "No, we can't go in the car.  Go in the plane and go to the beach!"  Her disappointment didn't last long, though, because once she saw the beach, she was happy as could be!
      We set up beach chairs, picnic blankets, and even a grill (courtesy of Dan and Katie) and everyone brought some great food to share.  The kids had a blast.  They ran across the field, played in the sand, saw sailboats, a rose garden, and kayaks.  The park also has an ice cream stand that we all just had to try.

Mairead chose the ice cream stand staple of the red white and blue bomb... the biggest popsicle she had ever seen.  She was absolutely giddy when Dave handed it to her.  I think she just could not believe we were letting her have this monstrosity!

Jack didn't want any, but he sat very close to her while she ate it.

Maybe too close...

Ben went with his old standby of fries.  If he could live on goldfish, toast, and fries with "kitchit," he would be a happy man!

Ben had to chase after Brian because the boys are OBSESSED with Brian.  When they see any kind of house being worked on, or any kind of professional carpenter, roofer, etc, they yell, "It's Brian, Mama?  It's Brian?
Mairead convinced Jen to draw the alphabet in the sand and then ran to me to say, "Look what I made for you."  She kept saying, "Look at all these letters!"

Solitary man...

The park has a beautiful garden and the kids had fun exploring all of the details.

Today was one of those days that reminds us just why we love summer so much.  It was so great to spend so much time outside, to relax, and to enjoy beautiful surroundings with great company.  Great idea, Katie... maybe this could be an annual tradition?


The Plateniks said...

Oh thank goodness! It was getting harder to stalk you without a recent post. So glad Mairead loved school and that she gets to go back to the same one. Beautiful Father's Day photos. Can't wait to see more of your summer adventures.

Terry Family said...

Happy Father's Day Dave! It looks like it was a really great day - filled with lots of memories. You have three beautiful children that we adore and wish we saw more often. Thanks Maghan for keeping us up-to-date on all the happenings in their lives.

PS - Nathan loves french fries with kitchit too!!