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Friday, May 13, 2011

Mother's Day and Mike's Birthday

Spring has brought us so many fun things to do, and so many things to celebrate! We have had a lot to do with birthdays, Mother's Day, showers, school, and soccer. We love that we are able to spend so much more time outside (though it would be nice if it would just get warm and stay that way... wet weather is headed our way next week, so we are making the most of today!).

More time outside means more baths for these guys... how cute are they in their little hooded towels? Jack is on the right in these.

We had a great time with family on Mother's Day. I have to start with this picture because Ben looks JUST like his dad in it. I picture Dave looking just like this when he was a two year old.

Steve was the hero of the day because he gave all four kids rides in this pretty awesome car, or, box.

One of the best parts of the day was when Nana opened her gifts and found a cell phone! She has no idea how to use it, but it's a 'just in case' kind of phone for when she is at doctor's appointments or out shopping. One of us will have to go down and give her a little lesson in how to use it. How great would it be if we could get her to text?

Can you hear me now?

Jen made a ton of appetizers and Katie, of course, brought her creative desserts.

In honor of the royal wedding- fruit with a fascinator.

The kids, as usual, had a lot of fun playing together.

And Mairead helped all the moms to open their gifts.

Mother's Day was also Mike's birthday. We hope he had a great day and we are excited to celebrate with him as a full fledged brother in law (as soon as they set a date... stay tuned...).

School is going pretty well for Mairead. She still has a lot of anxiety about going and shows some resistance to getting ready, getting in the car, etc. It's hard to see her get so worked up about it, but she seems to be ok once she gets there. She will be staying in the same class with the same teacher next year, so we hope that she is able to settle in easily in September. Soccer is still pretty rough. We will try again tomorrow to see if she likes it any better when the weather is a little warmer. Right now, we are just working on her staying near the field. She doesn't have to play, but we'd like her to feel more comfortable with just being around the noise and the crowd. Sports have always been a big part of our lives so we hope that our kids enjoy them, too.

At home, the kids are playing with each other a lot more (mostly basketball). Mairead has been especially great lately about trying to help the boys, offer them toys, share her snacks, etc. She holds their hands when we are all going somewhere, either from the car to the house or even just upstairs. She says, "C'mon, Jack and Ben. We holding hands."

Jack wins the award for the cutest thing lately. If I haven't been in the room with him for a little while, he will come find me, snuggle up on my lap and say, "I miss you, Mommy. I miss you."
Seriously. Talk about melting my heart.

We had a fun playdate this morning- I wish I had brought my camera because the group included FIVE sets of twins plus two siblings. Not only were there five sets of twins, four sets were two year olds (and one set of three year olds). Add in another 3 year old and a 16 month old, and it was crazy! The kids did well playing together, except that Jack found a basketball hoop and assumed it was his personal hoop.

After school and naps, we are off to the playground to make the most of the weather. We have soccer tomorrow and a birthday party on Sunday, plus a million things to do around here. Let's hope we get SOME sun for the weekend!

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Terry Family said...

I just love those hooded towels! The boys look so cute and you are so right ~ Ben does look like Dave in that picture. We're also happy the nice weather has returned. As only you can appreciate, it's hard to stare at the same walls all the time and so nice to get out!

Hope you had a great Mother's Day!